Dolphin Viewer and support for OpenSim

I am writing to Dolphin users to advise that in the current development code for Second Life, Linden Lab has removed support for connecting to other grids. This is due to licensing restrictions imposed on Linden Lab for the use of Havok libraries (needed for pathfinding, mesh uploads etc).

This means that in order for future versions of Dolphin to access OpenSim, there would need to be a separate version with its own maintenance path.

Since Dolphin is a one-person project, I regrettably do not have the time to develop two parallel versions of the viewer for 3 operating systems.

So, please note that effective with the next release, the Dolphin Viewer will no longer have the list of OpenSim-based grids on the login screen, or the following commandline parameters –loginpage, –loginuri, and –helperuri.

I will provide a clone of the original repository for anyone who might want to fork it to make updated versions for OpenSim. I will also leave the 3.3.19 installers available on the website.