Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here is the next Dolphin Viewer 3!

New in

  • A fix specifically for Ubuntu 12.04 users – snapshots now work properly again. See previous blog post about the bug, which has now been fixed.
  • The viewer now uses the latest Linden Lab SSL libraries.
  • Terrain textures can now be up to 1024×1024 like in Dolphin Viewer 1.
  • The settings folder has been renamed to contain no blanks, making it easier to access from within scripts.
    To keep your old settings, rename your current Dolphin Viewer 3 settings folder before installing this update:
    On linux, rename ~/.dolphin viewer 3 to  ~/.dolphinviewer3;
    On Windows, rename C:\Users\(your windows username)\AppData\Roaming\Dolphin Viewer 3 to C:\Users\(your windows username)\AppData\Roaming\DolphinViewer3;
    On Mac OS X, rename /Users/YourMacUserName/Library/Application Support/Dolphin Viewer 3 to /Users/YourMacUserName/Library/Application Support/DolphinViewer3.

The downloads are on the download page, as usual.