Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here’s new version of the 3.3-based Dolphin Viewer 3.

New in this release:

  • Marine Kelley’s RLV code has been updated to
  • A fix for a bug that causes sporadic viewer stalls on linux whenever text is printed on screen (e.g. local chat).
  • A “Reset!” button on the machinima floater. Be aware that this button resets every single setting that is on any page in that floater to its defaults without further warning.
  • Windlight sky presets from Annan Adored.
  • Removed duplicate Windlight skies.
  • Renamed some Windlight skies to achieve a more consistent naming pattern.

There is one known bug in this release that has to do with RLV and relays. It basically makes traps that change your outfit work incorrectly. It is due to a workaround for a rather old RLV bug that has not been fixed, which makes changing saved outfits work incorrectly.

I am monitoring the bug in RLV – if you areĀ  interested in more info, here is a link.

For the time being, if you can change the order of RLV commands in the traps you’re using, make sure your traps issue any “@addoutfit=n” after any “@remoutfit” command.

The downloads are on the download page.