Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here’s the newest Dolphin Viewer. No major changes here, just some smaller tweaks and fixes.

  • Improved: Asset Blacklist now stores object names and the region name where your avatar was located when you blacklisted the item.
  • Fixed: Clicking a secondlife:// link on a webpage on Windows now properly sends the slurl to a running Dolphin Viewer *.
  • Added the improved avatar vertex weights from STORM-1800, which allows the bending and stretching of the avatar shape to be better.
  • Added a  slider for MeshMaxConcurrentRequests in Prefs->Dolphin->Graphics. This improves the rezzing times for mesh objects in areas with a lot of mesh.
  • Changed: Media Filter list is now shared between all avatars used under the same OS user account on one computer.

The downloads are on the download page.

* Note:
If you have RLV active, sending a slurl to a running Dolphin Viewer on Windows does not work until  the login processes are completed, because the viewer needs to know if the avatar is under RLV teleport restrictions or not.