Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here is the next Dolphin Viewer 3,

New in this release:

  • FIRE-6551 & FIRE-6823: Fix for sharing inventory items from multiple open inventory floater and auto-opening inventory.
  • FIRE-6752: Rewritten, more accurate (and less needlessly alarming) script debit permission message.
  • FIRE-913: Allow different search terms in inventory tabs – patch from Satomi Ahn.
  • FIRE-6862: Make individual search terms on each inventory tab optional (in Preferences->Dolphin Viewer 3->User Interface)
  • “Return to last in-world position” for items in your Lost+Found folder had to be removed since Linden Lab killed the serverside parts of it. Too bad! That was a useful feature.
  • FIRE-6774: Fix for bottom buttons appearing too low in the People floater – by Hitomi Tiponi.
  • Control-shift-P to activate or deactivate the “Places” window.
  • Alt-shift-P to activate or deactivate the “Picks” window.

The downloads are on the download page.