Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Not too many new things in this release, but there are a couple of subtle improvements “under the hood” that my wife would have me castrated for if I held them back for much longer…

  • A few debug settings have been changed by default: “Disable Camera Constraints” is now on by default, “Limit Select Distance” and “Limit Move Distance” are now off by default.
  • The Windows version is now “Large Address Aware”. This has no impact on anyone other than people using the Dolphin Viewer 3 on 64-Bit Windows systems with more than 4 GB of memory installed, where it makes the viewer use up to 4 GB instead of the previous limit of 2GB. Should help a bit to make things less crashy.
  • The Windows version now runs on SSE2-enabled code. Should improve performance a bit, no idea why Linden Labs didn’t think of this one and the previous one – it should be included in the official viewer.
  • The align tool has been updated to reflect what is going on with it in CodeReview. No impact for the user, but it will make things easier for me later.
  • Finally, the jumping inventory bug has been fixed by the people over at FireStorm. If you keep a strict order and logic in your inventory by sorting your stuff, you know what I mean. If you don’t, you should – trust me.
  • The per-user settings get saved earlier in the logout process now, and only when the login was actually successful. This should fix the problem of some per-user settings getting reset to the defaults all of a sudden.

The downloads are in the usual place.