Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here’s the next Dolphin Viewer 3 for you.
Please read carefully if you have an ATI graphics card.

New, changed, or fixed in this version:

  • New: Texture compression. This should alleviate some crashes on systems with smaller graphics cards.
    The checkbox for this new setting is in Preferences->Graphics->Hardware settings. If your graphics card has 512 mb memory or less, this setting is turned on by default and enables texture compression.
    NOTE: For those of you who have an ATI graphics card, texture compression should always be switched off.
  • New: Online help redirect. The Help button/menu item in every floater now takes you to the Dolphin Viewer forum where you can search for information, or post your question about your problem.
  • New: Antispam filter from the NaCL Viewer.
  • New: Asset Blacklist from the NaCL Viewer. Basically the same as Derender, but the list of the UUIDs of derendered objects is saved on your computer, so they won’t reappear when you leave the sim and return. Detailed info on this feature with screen shots is available here.
  • New: Sound explorer from the NaCL Viewer. “Area search” for sounds. Lets you find (and occasionally block) sound sources. For detailed info, look here.
  • Fixed: Fly-after-teleport. Now, when you were flying before a TP you will be flying as well when you arrive.
  • Changed: Antialias is no longer off by default for all graphics cards, since it does not have that big bad performance impact anymore.
  • Some performance tweaks.
  • Changed: The “Items incoming too fast” popup that appears when you unpack boxed stuff now fades out on its own and has no “OK” button anymore.

The downloads are on the download page, like always.