Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here is the next Dolphin Viewer 3.

New in this version:

  • Adopted a change from Firestorm, which changes how hovertips for inventory items are handled. From now on, they only show up when the name of an item or folder is too long to show in the inventory window. This should improve memory usage a bit.
  • You guys asked for the translations to be put back in, so they are.
    Let me point out a few things about the translations:

    • I am fluent in German and English, and my English is good enough to prefer the English UI over the sometimes weird translation from LL to German, so English is still the default.
    • I don’t have the time or language skills to do any work on other translations besides German. If you want to volunteer in doing a translation for a language, post a note on the Dolphin forum. Make it a “bug report” entry with a “feature request: translations for XX” subject, for example “feature request: translations for ES”, and I’ll get back to you.


Download links are on the download page as usual.