Dolphin Viewer 2, or the “Steamed crow” edition

It just goes to show you that I’d better keep my mouth shut.

DolphinViewer 2 2.5.6 is now available after all.

Since the port toward 2.6.x will take at least a few weeks, and the fact that 2.6.0 has some bugs while 2.6.3 has a new feature that people will be begging for (enhanced avatar physics layers), I decided that I should really put out a 2.5.6 in the meantime, especially since my “work in progress” version has several important bugfixes and nice addons since the last release.

Here’s the list of new stuff:

  • Security fix: Domain substring matching is gone from media filters, since it allowed circumvention of the filter.
  • Fixed: VWR-25269 – Error message about unknown notification when setting scripts to “not running”.
  • Fixed: ECC-49 – The “Tight pants” syndrome, where flared system pants appear to be skintight even when they should not.
  • Fixed: Replacing outfits would not take off un-needed attachments when RLV was disabled.
  • Fixed: Flickr uploads would contain the in-world location even when the RLV “Can’t see location” restriction was active.
  • Added: Direct shortcut buttons to the Windlight sky and Windlight water settings in the navigation bar (right next to “About Land”).
  • Changed: “About Land” button shortened to “Land” to make a bit of room for the Windlight buttons.
  • Removed: Duplicate “Allow multiple logins” checkbox.

Media Filter changes:

  1. Fixed: Requests now get properly queued to prevent mishandling.
  2. Improved: Popups now appear with other notices (bottom right of window), and do not interfere with other actions. However, media does not start until you act on it.
  3. Improved: Popups are more clear about the meaning of white- and blacklisting.
  4. Improved: Can add url, and whole domains.
  5. Added: Filter now also acts upon media on a prim.

Download links are on the download page, as usual.