Dolphin Viewer

The Dolphin Viewer, codebase 1.5, has been updated to

New in this release:

  • New NoObscuredURLs patch: backport from SnowStorm of the removal of the now useless (deprecated) “Hide URL” feature for parcel media and streaming audio URLs.
  • New MessageTemplateUpdates patch: backport from SnowStorm, updating the message templates (cosmetic change).
  • New BetterPreferrencesGraphics patch: adds the “Max non-impostors” settings to the custom Graphics Preferences panel, and the “Object-object occlusion” setting to the hardware graphic settings floater, as well as an explanation as to why some settings are disabled in the latter.
  • New BetterDebugSettings patch: makes the Debug Settings available from the login screen (code by Siana Gearz), saves the floater position and allows up to 1024 characters (instead of 255) per string variable.
  • New DebugGLCrashFix patch: fixes the crash in Advanced -> Rendering -> Debug GL (by Thickbrick Sleaford).
  • New llimageFixes patch: fixes a potential crash bug and improves performance (code by Siana Gearz).
  • New VectorizeFixes patch: fixes a crash bug in the SSE2 vectorization path (by Armin Weatherwax). Skin vectorization is now enabled by default.
  • New AwayTimeout patch: removes an Advanced Menu Debug setting (AllowIdleAFK), replacing it with the possibility to set the AFKTimeout setting to ‘0’ so to disable completely the auto-AFK feature. Also allows setting the timeout to up to 999 seconds (instead of 600) and optimizes this part of the code for speed. If you had the “Advanced” -> “Character” -> “Character Test” -> “Go Away/AFK When Idle” setting unchecked, go to the Preferences floater, General tab and set the Away Timeout value to ‘0’.
  • New lineSegmentIntersectFix patch: fixes a potential cause for a crash bug (backport from Snowglobe v2 by Siana Gearz).
  • Updated MediaFilter patch: this new version improves security and usability over previous versions.
  • Updated RevertUIchanges patch: in this new version, the “Shout” button was removed from the chat bar and the “Say” button was replaced with a flyout button. The menu also contains the “Shout” and “Whisper” items (saves space for the chat input line, and adds the Whisper functionality that was previously only available via the SHIFT ENTER keyboard shortcut).
  • Updated BlurryAndGreyTextures patch: this new version brings more backports from SnowStorm and adds two Advanced settings (in Advanced -> Rendering): “Boost Attachments Textures” is enabled by default (disabling it saves memory in very crowded areas but causes the viewer to fail to load attachments textures on other avatars at full resolution; “Full Res Textures” is disabled by default and allows the viewer to load all textures at full resolution, regardless of their importance to the camera (this causes a *massive* memory consumption).
  • Updated ReinstateOldSearchTabs patch: this new version declares as deprecated some of the now unused search-related messages (DirPopularQuery & Co).
  • Updated AlignTool patch: this new version includes improvements borrowed from Imprudence/Phoenix/Singularity viewer teams.
  • Updated AutoMaxGroups patch: this new version properly sets the maximum number of groups for some OpenSim grids that used to make the viewer wrongly assume that the maximum was 100.
  • Updated MuteBlueDialogs patch: this new version fixes a bug that prevented the muting to work properly.
  • Updated CoolVLViewerBranding patch: updates to the list of contributors.

The downloads are on the downloads page.