Dolphin Viewer

New in this release:

  • New ATIrenderStarsFix patch: Shyotl Kuhr’s fixes to some rendering issues with stars in the sky, for ATI video cards.
  • Updated MediaFilter patch: this new version fixes a race condition that could eventually be exploited to get through the filters, and implements a Media Filter floater (View -> Media Filter) to allow adding/removing/clearing/viewing filtered domains. See this message for full details.
  • Updated SLPluginAndMediaFixes patch: this new version adds two new debug settings for Linux/MacOS-X: PluginPriority and PluginPrioForWebkitOnly. See this message for details.
  • Updated TeleportHistory patch: just a reordering of the “Teleport History” menu item in the “View” menu.
  • Updated CoolPreferences patch: changed to remove the “Reset filters” button related to the old MediaFilter patch (now has its own floater for editing/clearing filters).
  • Updated CoolVLViewerBranding patch: Shyotl Kuhr added to the contributors list.

Downloads are on the download page.