New releases: Dolphin Viewer 2 and Dolphin Viewer

There are two new versions out:

Dolphin Viewer 2 has been upgraded to 2.5.0 code. As of now, there are no new Dolphin Viewer-specific features. Linden Lab has a detailed announcement on their website about the new features and changes in the original 2.5.0 code, such as web profiles.

Dolphin Viewer has been upgraded to New or changed in this version are:

1. New ViewerInventoryItemUpdateServerCrash patch:

  • fixes a crash that can happen when you copy an item in your inventory and then immediately rename the new copy.

2. Updated RestrainedLove patch:

  • with the definitive @adjustheight command implementation, see this post for details on how to use it in your RLV-scripted items.

3. Updated HighlightPostsWithOwnName patch:

  • fixes a crash bug that can be triggered by someone talking in open chat close to your avatar while your avatar is still rezzing during login.

4. Updated AvatarSizeInAppearance patch:

  • this new version gives, in the Appearance floater, the genuine (i.e. not counting shoes) avatar height as well as the shoes height and the pelvis to foot height (useful for scripters wishing to use @adjustheight).

The downloads are on the download page, as usual.