New in this release:

1. New ParcelEncroachmentSupport patch:

  • This patch allows a land owner to return objects encroaching their parcel, provided Parcel Encroachment returns are enabled on that sim.
  • If you have Estate Manager rights, you can use the Region Debug Console to find out if Parcel Encroachment is switched on.

2. New PngImageIgnoreBackground patch:

  • This patch fixes the uploading issues with PNG images having a background color set.

3. Updated SimulatorVersionNotification patch:

  • This updated version allows you to disable the sim server version change notification when you enter a new region.
  • Turn it on/off in Preferences -> Advanced -> Miscellaneous.

4. Updated ImprovedBuildTools patch:

  • This new version extends the slice parameters down to 0.02% for a maximum slice, and up to 0.98% for a minimum slice.

The following patches have also been improved.

  • Updated LLFontCrash patch
  • Updated BlurryAndGreyTextures patch
  • Updated RestrainedLove patch
  • Updated FloaterRegionDebugConsole patch

Preferences and Branding patches have been updated to reflect changes in this release.

The download is on the download page as usual.