Known issues with

Hi guys,

there are two bugs in that I know of:

  • The HTTP texture corruption bug mentioned in an earlier post and on the forum.
  • The Wear/Add inventory action bug (basically, Wear on an attachment in your inventory does the same as Add, where it should actually replace the attachment, the same way as “Wear items” on a whole folder in your inventory does).

The workaround for the HTTP texture corruption bug is to turn HTTP Texture fetching off, in Preferences -> Advanced -> Graphics Tuning; after doing so please clear cache and relog.

The Wear/Add bug will be fixed in the next release.

Texture bug in the current version

Hi guys,

there’s a nasty bug in current versions of Dolphin viewer, which leads to some textures not loading properly. The textures in question turn completely black, with a tiny version of the actual texture in the top left corner. This only affects textures on prims, not on system clothes or skins.

If you have this bug more often than you can stand, turn off http texture fetching under Preferences -> Advanced -> Graphics tuning, then clear cache & relog, and keep http textures switched off until the bug is fixed.

Dolphin Viewer

New in this release:

1. Emergency Fix applied to AlphaAndTattooSupport patch:

  • Fixes issue that arises from wearing a tintable tattoo layer (avatar sometimes appeared ruthed to others that were logged into the same sim where you were).

2. New Qarl Fizz’s (formerly known as Qarl Linden) Builder Align Tool:

  • A prim alignment tool built directly into the edit floater.
  • Backport to Snowglobe 1.5 thanks to Hg Beeks.
  • A tutorial video on how to use it (video taken in viewer 2.0, but it works the same in Dolphin):

Link to Qarls blog

3. New Additional Windlight settings:

  • Torley’s Windlight settings added to Environment Editor.
  • To activate them, go to World -> Environment Settings -> Environment Editor; then choose either Advanced Sky or Advanced Water, and apply Sky or Water Presets from the drop-down box.

Download is here.