Dolphin Viewer

New in this release:

  • The crash bug mentioned here has been fixed.
  • The default behavior when you double-click on an attachment in your inventory is not “wear and replace” anymore, it is “add to outfit”, to make the use of the new multi-attachment support easier. That means, that if you double click, the attachment that was previously there stays, and the new one is also added.

Download here, as usual.

Dolphin Viewer

New in this release:

1. New SnapshotNotify patch:

  • Notifies you in chat when someone around you takes a snapshot. Switch it on in Preferences->Advanced->Miscellaneous.

2. New TerrainTextureSize patch:

  • Lets you pick textures up to a size of 1024×1024 as sim terrain textures. Note: this might stop working at any time, due to the fact that sim terrain textures bigger than 512 x 512 are not officially supported by Linden Lab.

3. New MuteBlueDialogs patch:

  • With this patch, if you mute an object or its owner, even blue popup menus from that object get muted, thus defanging a well-known griefer weapon.

4. New HighlightPostsWithOwnName patch:

  • Now you can have lines in chat or group chat that contain your name or some configurable nicknames highlighted in a color of your choice  (Preferences->Advanced->Chat/IM).

5. New ItemLinksAndMultipleAttachmentsSupport patch:

  • With brand new multiple attachments support (see this post), backported from viewer 2.
  • Updated (last glitch fixed) inventory item links support (see this thread).
  • Note: worn attachments are saved in a file on your local hard disk on logout, to make it possible to reattach them when you log back in. This does not clutter up your inventory with a “Current outfit” folder, but you will have different attachments worn when you use a different computer. See this post for details.

6. New StutteringLagAndBugsInAudioEngine patch:

  • (replaces StutteringAndLagInAudioEngine patch and deprecates KeepCachedSounds patch)
  • This new version fixes more bugs in the audio engine and also fixes the issue with sounds stopping to play in the remaining instances of the viewer after you close another instance (in –multiple mode).

7. Crash fixes in LLTextEditor and LLFontCrash patches.

8. A possible fix for the bug that makes some textures appear rainbow-striped.

9. New SimulatorVersionNotification patch:

  • Improves the notification message about simulator version changes.

10. Updated RestrainedLove patch:

11. Updated RezWithLandGroupWhenPossible patch:

  • Fixes the SHIFT-drag to copy issue. See this post for details.

12. Updated TemporaryTextureUpload patch:

  • This new version automatically opens the preview floater for the temporary texture once it is uploaded.

13. Updated MoreGridsDynamic patch:

  • Separate log and user setting folders for each grid.
    (for example, I now have .secondlife/lance_corrimal/ for SecondLife, and .secondilfe/lance_corrimal@inworldz for Inworldz)

Download is here.

A tiny issue with Dolphin Viewer

Hey guys,

there’s a slightly annoying but harmless bug in the latest released Dolphin Viewer:

The “Go AFK when idle” checkbox in Preferences>Advanced>Chat/IM has absolutely no effect whatsoever. If You want to switch that feature on or off, there’s a menu option in the Advanced Menu (enable it with ctrl-alt-d), then You can find it under Advanced>Character>Character Tests>Go Away/AFK when idle.

In the next release the checkbox will either be fixed or gone.

First release under the new name: Dolphin Viewer

As of today, The Dolphin Viewer is officially listed in the Third Party Viewer Directory!

And here’s the new version!

New in this release:

1. New CameraConstraints patch:

  • when DisableCameraConstraints is set to TRUE:
  • the minimum zoom distance to avatars (and in particular their attachments) is disabled, allowing closer focus
  • the zoom out distance is maximized, allowing it to equal the draw distance in all circumstances
  • when the new CameraIgnoreCollisions debug setting is set to TRUE, it also disables the automatic move of the camera out of objects whenever it collides with them

2. Updated Radar patch:

  • this new version improves the avatar tracking feature (does not list the avatar name twice in the world map under the tracker dot, keep tracking when the radar update is set to off, and automatically stop tracking when the avatar goes/TPs away)
  • when an avatar goes away, its name is now listed in italics in the radar during the 10s grace period

3. Updated VisitedLandmarks patch:

  • this new version changes the Landmark icon in real time in the inventory (color changes from brown to red) whenever a landmark has been visited

4. Updated CoolPreferences patch:

  • adds a setting in Preferences/Advanced/Miscellaneous sub-tab for the new CameraIgnoreCollisions feature

5. Updated CPUhungrySearch patch:

  • do not destroy the Search floater (only hide it) when teleporting from the Places search tab. Reminder: destroying the Search floater (via its close (“X”) button) also destroys the built-in browsers (which eat up 100% of the CPU power under Linux and MacOS-X due to a bug in LL’s proprietary llqtwebkit library) but also make you loose the search results. Toggling (hiding/showing) the Search floater doesn’t loose the search results (but keeps your CPU loaded).

6. New ContextMenuTextEntry patch:

  • implements a clipboard actions context menu for line and text editors (enables cut/copy/paste/etc with the mouse)

7. New TemporaryTextureUpload patch:

  • implements temporary textures upload support. See this post for details.

8. New SLPluginAndMediaFixes (replaces SLPluginFixes) patch:

  • this new version also fixes the problem with media auto-play failures encountered in Snowglobe v1 based viewers

9. Updated ItemLinksSupport patch:

  • this new version definitely solves the first glitch that was described in this post.

10. Updated RestrainedLove patch:

  • this new version fixes the failure to properly save the teleport allowed flag on log off, which prevented being able to choose your start location on next log in (see this post), and implements full support for inventory item links (see this post).

11. Updated MoreGridsDynamic patch:

  • fixes an URI for Meta7, adds more OpenSim grids to the list, and entitles you to create your own custom_grids.xml file (same format and place as grids.xml, in the app_settings/ directory) to override and complement the shipped grids.xml file (custom_grids.xml will never be overwritten when you update the viewer).

Download is here.