Support policy

The Dolphin Viewer is maintained by a single individual. Please read this page carefully and follow the steps in sequential order.

  1. First, restart your computer, especially if you are using a Windows operating system.
  2. Make sure your problem only occurs using the Dolphin Viewer. To determine that, log into Second Life using the current official Linden Lab viewer and see if your problem persists. If it does, then file a support ticket with Linden Lab.
  3. If the problem only occurs when you are using the Dolphin Viewer, check that you have the latest version installed. If not, download and install it, and then see if the problem continues.
  4. If the problem does persist after step #3 above, perform a CLEAN uninstall and reinstall of latest version of the Dolphin Viewer:
    • On Windows, uninstall through the uninstall option in the Dolphin Viewer’s start menu folder, then delete C:\Program Files\Dolphin Viewer, as well as c:\Users\(your windows username)\Appdata\Roaming\SecondLife (make a backup of your chat logs if you want to keep them), and c:\Users\(your windows username)\AppData\Local\SecondLife.
    • On Mac OS X, delete the application from the Applications folder, and find the settings and cache folders in your home folder and delete them (make a backup of your chat logs if you want to keep them).
    • On Linux, delete the folder where you unpacked the tar archive, and ~/.secondlife (make a backup of your chat logs if you want to keep them).
    • On openSUSE (Linux flavour), if you used the one-click-install method, run “zypper dup” as root to update to the latest version. Note: you do not need to uninstall first. Then, delete ~/.secondlife (make a backup of your chat logs if you want to keep them).

If you are still experiencing problems, please post a detailed error report on the Dolphin Viewer forum in the “Bug reports” section. Every bug report must include the following information:

  • For all  Operating Systems, provide the information from “Help/About this viewer” about your hardware and operating system. If your problem is a crash, please provide a compressed archive with the logfiles from your Second Life user folder.
    –  To find your user folder, navigate to the following place on your hard disk:
    –  On Windows Vista and higher: C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife
    –  On Mac OS X: /Users/(Username)/Library/Application Support/SecondLife
    –  On Linux: ~/.secondlife
  • The log files are in “logs” under your Second Life user folder.
  • Also provide a detailed description of the problem, with steps on how to reproduce it, if possible.

Please note that assistance for Windows and Mac users is provided on a best effort basis, since I hardly use Windows or Mac OS X.

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  2. I suggest you add REBOOT the computer and retry as one of the early steps. Also, make sure the viewer is the only program running.

    Vista and Win7 seldom need to be rebooted and people are getting away from the daily and weekly mandatory restarts. The viewers for SL seem to have the ability to mess up the video card and leak memory. A reboot is an easy reset for both.

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  4. May i just say this veiwer the (dolphin veiwer 2) pisses all over phoenix it is the perfect progressinon for anyone who likes ll veiwer 2 bt want more control, rlv or to play with the awsome new lighting setting!!!


  5. At Haven: Your World we have been looking at the Dolphin viewer and we are interested in trying it out as one of the recommended viewers for our grid, however there does not seem to be any option to add new girds. How can we do this?

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