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1. Origin and support

Dolphin Viewer is an Open Source (GPL v2), third party viewer for Second Life® and OpenSim grids. It was developed by Lance Corrimal (Second Life® avatar name) by porting Henri Beauchamp’s “Cool VL Viewer” to SnowGlobe 1.4.

Dolphin Viewer 2 and Dolphin Viewer 3 are Open Source (LGPL) third party viewers for Second Life® and OpenSim grids. Both are maintained solely by Lance Corrimal (Second Life® avatar name). Dolphin Viewer 3 is based on the latest release client sourcecode.

This software is not provided or supported by Linden Lab®, the makers of Second Life®. Support for this viewer is provided exclusively through the Dolphin Viewer Support Forum ( Follow this link to the detailed support policy for Dolphin Viewer.

2. Updates and upgrades

Please note that even though Dolphin Viewer contains an automated version checking mechanism, it is still your responsibility as a user to check regularly for new versions from the “New Releases” forum on the Dolphin Viewer website ( I suggest that you may wish to register a forum account on this site, and then subscribe to the “New Releases” forum.

3. Privacy policy

No data whatsoever is collected by the viewer. However, data is stored on your hard disk and exchanged with the servers of the grid(s) you connect to, in the exact same way as an official Second Life® viewer would do. During the automated version check at startup, only the version number is sent to my web server and compared with the latest list of supported versions.

4. Linden Lab’s Third-Party Viewer Policy compliance

As the maintainer of this viewer, I, Lance Corrimal (and in fact the real person behind this avatar), declare in good faith that, to the best of my knowledge and understanding, and barring any unknown and yet to be discovered bug(s), this viewer is compliant with the  Policy on Third-Party Viewers  as published by Linden Lab® ( at the time this particular viewer build was released (see above about your responsibility regarding update checks).

5. Liability

You download, install and use this software completely at your own risk.

By following the installation instructions below you explicitly agree to the above terms.

System requirements

The system requirements for Dolphin Viewer and Dolphin Viewer 2 differ in two points from the official system requirements as posted on

  1. For Windows users: Windows 7 or newer.
  2. For Apple users: Mac Os X 10.6 or newer.

Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OS X up 10.5 are not supported. You can try to run Dolphin Viewer on those, but I won’t be able to help if it doesn’t work.

Note: Dolphin Viewer 1 and Dolphin Viewer 2 have been  deprecated on February 5th, 2012. The downloads will be around for some time, but there will be no longer be any support from me for those two viewers.

Dolphin Viewer 3 for openSUSE Linux via one-click-install:

Simply click on the right link for your openSUSE version, allow yast to add the proper installation source, and install.
You’ll find Dolphin Viewer / Dolphin Viewer 2 / Dolphin Viewer 3 in your desktop start menu under Games/Role Playing.
If you install this way, you’ll get the newest version simply by running “zypper dup” as root.

Dolphin Viewer for other Linux flavours

  1. Download Dolphin Viewer 3 for linux from here: DolphinViewer3-i686-linux-
  2. Unpack the tar archive somewhere.
  3. Run Dolphin Viewer from within that folder by typing ./secondlife

The Dolphin Viewer 3 is being build on Debian 5, so it should normally run on any linux that runs the original viewer from Linden Lab™.

Dolphin Viewer for Windows

Download and install Dolphin Viewer 3 for Windows from here: DolphinViewer3-i686-Windows-

Dolphin Viewer for Mac OS X

Download and install Dolphin Viewer for Mac OS X from here: DolphinViewer3-i686-Darwin-

I can’t really test the Mac OS X version on my mac mini, so I won’t guarantee that the mac version even works for you.

Dolphin Viewer Source Code

The instructions on how to obtain the complete sources have been moved to their own page.

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Older versions are on their own page now.

6 thoughts on “Download and Install

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  2. Pingback: First release under the new name: Dolphin Viewer » Dolphin Viewer

  3. Runs fine on my MacBook Pro (2010 model) but did not recognize the GPU which is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M. All the other viewers have had a refresh of their GPU tables over the last month or so, so it should be easy to fix this.

    Also, please make a separate cache folder so you don’t overwrite the content of the LL SecondLife viewer cache.

    Work well done!

    • re: the gpu detection: Does original snowglobe detect your GPU properly? If not, open a jira on it so that the lindens fix it.
      re: the separate cache folder: Dolphin Viewer has its separate settings file, so you can just set a different cache location for it in preferences/network.

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