Backports from viewer-development:

  • STORM-236 – hide the “Speak” button when voice is disabled
  • STORM-288 – unable to set item to “no transfer” through object properties in sidebar
  • STORM-737 – Allows creation of new inventory objects inside the “Recent” tab
  • STORM-771 – Copy&Paste a wearable into an outfit folder creates a link now, not another copy
  • STORM-842 – displaying favorites list at login screen when user name is typed like “firstname.lastname” or “firstname_lastname” or user name consists of a single word
  • STORM-954 – “People near me” panel works above 1000m
  • STORM-1001 – Viewer needlessly hits the “ObjectMedia” cap with thousands of requests
  • STORM-1037 – do not hide stream urls anymore
  • VWR-23712 – incremental search in inventory
  • VWR-24347 – unable to find ms runtime dlls during build with VS2005
  • VWR-24889 – repeat upload of baked textures up to 5 times if necessary
  • VWR-24957 – Attachments may loose their associated inventory item UUID

Mods by me:

  • Online version check to notify the user of available updates. No data is sent to my server other than the version number, no data is stored on my server.
  • “Recent”-tab in inventory does not show new links anymore to reduce clutter
  • The “confirmation popups” (“You accepted thisorthat from soandso”) when you accept or decline an inventory offer fade out after a while, so you don’t have to click ok on each of them (STORM-323)
  • The “Worn” tab (see below) does not show links
  • A “open all folders” menu option in the inventory menu
  • A preferences tab to change the colors for display names
  • The “Inspect” option is back in the context menu of things
  • The “Delete” option is now in the top level context menu instead of the “Remove…” submenu
  • A preferences setting to hide the library in your inventory
  • A preferences setting to enable “paste as link”
  • Various preferences settings for options hidden deep in the debug settings
  • Max value for the repeats for textures in the build tools: 256
  • Maximum range for the “people near me” tab increased to 2048m
  • The “Me” menu has been cleaned up

Patches by Marine Kelly and others:

  • RestrainedLove 2.4.0 + other improvements and fixes from Marine Kelly
  • Qarl Fizz’ prim alignment tool
  • Qarl Fizz’ “Select linden plants” patch
  • A decent “Worn Items” tab in the inventory
  • A proper “clear cache” button in preferences->setup (from phoenix firestorm)
  • Kitty Barnetts modifications to the “People” sidebar tab (from catznip)
  • Katherine Berry’s Flickr uploader
  • Sione Lomus Media Filter Patch (See here for instructions on how to use this)
  • CTRL-T opens pending IMs (from phoenix firestorm)
  • A preferences setting to control the colors used for display names (from the starlight skin)

Mods by me, ported from Dolphin Viewer 1.5:

  • The Sailor’s Minimap
  • Avatar name in window title
  • Improved Double-click teleporting
  • Hotkey for “Snapshot to disk” is ctrl-shift-d

Patches by others, first used in Dolphin Viewer 1.5:

  • Multiple Grids (for what this is worth, SL2 code isn’t exactly happy on OSgrids)
  • Rez with land group (fixed: shift-dragging an object in edit to duplicate it and the new copy now has the right group as well)
  • Default folder for snapshot to disk on unix is $HOME
  • Various hotkeys have been adapted for better use on Linux, namely every F-Key combo that originally used ctrl-alt (to avoid switching to text mode in linux instead of actually doing whatever you wanted to do to your viewer)
  • Henri Beauchamps “Login to a definite location when not under TP restrictions” RLV mod has been ported to 2.3.0 + RLV 2.3.0
  • Henri Beauchamps MUpose and Autoclose-OOC patch has been ported (That’s that “:hops instead of /me hops” and ((talking out of chara with autoclosing brackets)) feature)
  • Henri Beauchamps “Do not play the typing sound” patch has been ported
  • Henri Beauchamps “Invisible texture in edit” patch has been re-implemented and improved
  • Henri Beauchamps “Temporary Texture Upload” patch has been ported.
  • Inventory collapse and expand buttons + Inventory quickfilters (initially ported from phoenix to dolphinviewer 1.5 by me)
  • Henri Beauchamps “PrivateLookAt” Patch has been ported.
  • Henri Beauchamps “Add the grid name to the user folder” mod has been ported.
  • Henri Beauchamps “Completely disable camera contraints” and “Do not move the camera out of objects on collision” have been ported.

Work in progress:

  • Branding (partially), still needs some more polish, as well adding of TPV terms popup at first start

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  2. hi,

    is es möglich für dei linux version mal nen patch einzubauen das endlich der SpaceNavigator mit OpenSuse 11.3 funktioniert?

    manuell hab ich das nicht hinbekommen

    danke Ulli

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