The Asset Blacklist

The Asset Blacklist allows you to “blacklist” objects, textures or sculpt maps. This basically has the same effect as “derender”, but it is more permanent.

As an added convenience, the Asset Blacklist is shared between all your avatars, and can be saved to a file that you can then share with other people, in case you blacklist objects from a wide-spread griefer attack.

To put an object on the blacklist, right-click on the object, and go to the “Manage” submenu. You can blacklist objects, sculptmaps, textures, or soundfiles (through the Sound Explorer).

To remove an item from the Asset Blacklist, use the Asset Blacklist window in the “World” menu. Note: for technical reasons it is not possible to use the object names for blacklisting, since in that case a griefer would simply rename the griefer objects, and circumvent the blacklist. You’ll have to find the objects that you want to remove from the blacklist by the date when you blacklisted them.

The Asset Blacklist window can also be used to manually add entries to the list, either by name or by UUID.

The “clear” button empties the list, the “rerender all objects” button clears it, and also refreshes your inworld view.