Credits for Dolphin Viewer 3 go to:

  • LapisLazuli Tomorrow (QA, feature nagging, proofreading the website, being a royal pain in the ass about how much detail I should provide when I explain about new features, and for coffee, cake, and sofas.)
  • Henri Beauchamp (for giving me the idea and a huge number of patches and mods to port to 2.x)
  • Kitty Barnett (for the modifications to the “People” tab)
  • Katharine Berry (for the Flickr Uploader)
  • Sione Lomu and Tonya Souther (for the Media Filter patch)
  • Everybody who is working on project SnowStorm
  • The Phoenix FireStorm Team for the Clientside AO, derendering, and area search
  • Chalice Yao and the NaCL team for the Antispam system, the Asset Blacklist, the Sound explorer and other bits and pieces
  • Nicky Perian from Kokua Viewer for the mesh upload