The next Dolphin Viewer…

I am not exactly happy about what I have to announce here, but this is how it is going to be:

The next Dolphin Viewer is not going to be around any time soon.

I have looked at the mess that my current state of the sources would produce, and I have (finally but far too late) come to this decision:

I will start from scratch.

Right now, taking the current Dolphin Viewer source and just “shoe-horning” in everything new from the official sources produces a terrible mess that does not compile cleanly, let alone works. Besides, the last Dolphin Viewer has a quite large number of features that don’t work any more, due to changes that the Lab has made in the meantime.. temp uploads being one of them.

So, I’ll basically have to reinvent everything. That will of course take some time. I’m guessing “several months” right now, not the least due to the fact that with my new job that I have been doing since April, I’m travelling a lot, so I’m not even home all that much. I’ll see how much I can do on my company laptop.

I will go back to my usual “release early, release often” policy, as soon as I have something that is properly branded as Dolphin Viewer and has more to offer than just the name.  I will plan to release at least a public beta as soon as I have something.

Not exactly totally unrelated: I will eventually stop building / providing openSUSE rpm packages for some of the other third party viewers in my OBS repository. I just can’t seem to get more than 24 hours out of a day.

The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

I’m sure there are one or two people wondering what is going on with the Dolphin Viewer lately.

To put it simply, my life has been quite hectic the last few months, and it still is. I have a new job that demands a lot of my time and attention. I’ve moved to a different province because of the job, and when I am actually home (the new job involves a lot of travelling), I’m just too damned tired to spend time on working on the viewer.

That being said, there will be a new version, that will have all the new shinies from the Lab. The CHUI interface, SSA, Materials, you name it.

Just … please do not ask me when. “When it is finished” is all I can say right now.


P.S. If you click on the link on the login page that says “Click here to update your viewer” (see screenshot), you will get the original viewer from Linden Lab, not a new Dolphin Viewer.


I’ve had it with the spam bots

I don’t know what’s with these spam bots lately… but I’ve had almost as many spam comments in the first ten days of 2013 as I had in the whole year 2012!

To deal with this problem, I’ve added WP-Unite to the site. Basically, to post a comment on the blog you need to login with a valid forum account.
To get a forum account, go to the Dolphin Viewer Mountain Retreat, and generate it at the blue terminal next to the wind turbine.
If for some reason you can’t create your forum account there, contact me in-world.

This means that you need to have an active Second Life™ account to be able to comment on posts on the blog.

On this occasion I would like to point out that for any support questions you should use the forum anyways, and not by posting comments on release announcements.

openSUSE 11.4 has reached its end of life

This notice only affects linux users.

On November 5th, openSUSE 11.4 has reached its end-of-life date.

For linux-based users of the Dolphin Viewer 3, this means that there will be no more rpm packages for openSUSE 11.4 from now on.

If you are using 11.4 and can’t upgrade to 12.1 or 12.2 you will have to use the tarballed linux release.

For obvious reasons this has no effect on users of other linux versions, or Mac OS X or Windows.

Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here’s new version of the 3.3-based Dolphin Viewer 3.

New in this release:

  • Marine Kelley’s RLV code has been updated to
  • A fix for a bug that causes sporadic viewer stalls on linux whenever text is printed on screen (e.g. local chat).
  • A “Reset!” button on the machinima floater. Be aware that this button resets every single setting that is on any page in that floater to its defaults without further warning.
  • Windlight sky presets from Annan Adored.
  • Removed duplicate Windlight skies.
  • Renamed some Windlight skies to achieve a more consistent naming pattern.

There is one known bug in this release that has to do with RLV and relays. It basically makes traps that change your outfit work incorrectly. It is due to a workaround for a rather old RLV bug that has not been fixed, which makes changing saved outfits work incorrectly.

I am monitoring the bug in RLV – if you are  interested in more info, here is a link.

For the time being, if you can change the order of RLV commands in the traps you’re using, make sure your traps issue any “@addoutfit=n” after any “@remoutfit” command.

The downloads are on the download page.

Fixed: a crash bug on really new linux distributions

It has brought to my attention that the Dolphin Viewer 3 does not start on openSUSE 12.2 (and possibly on other linux distributions that use the fontconfig library in version 2.9).

Turns out that this is a known bug in Linden Lab’s build setup (STORM-1854).

NickyP’s patch has been applied, tested, and solves this problem for Dolphin Viewer 3.

If you are impacted by this crash, please re-download the linux package for 3.3.19, and unpack it again. Users of openSUSE 12.2 who installed the Dolphin Viewer 3 as a RPM package using the one-click-install link on the download page will get the required update automatically with their regular system updates.

For anyone who is impacted by this on any other viewer, there is a manual workaround:

lemmy@sai:/temp/slsource/DolphinViewer3-i686-linux-> ln -sf
lemmy@sai:/temp/slsource/DolphinViewer3-i686-linux-> ln -sf

Or in other words, create two symlinks in the “lib” folder inside the place where you unpack your viewer, pointing at, with the names and

Dolphin Viewer and support for OpenSim

I am writing to Dolphin users to advise that in the current development code for Second Life, Linden Lab has removed support for connecting to other grids. This is due to licensing restrictions imposed on Linden Lab for the use of Havok libraries (needed for pathfinding, mesh uploads etc).

This means that in order for future versions of Dolphin to access OpenSim, there would need to be a separate version with its own maintenance path.

Since Dolphin is a one-person project, I regrettably do not have the time to develop two parallel versions of the viewer for 3 operating systems.

So, please note that effective with the next release, the Dolphin Viewer will no longer have the list of OpenSim-based grids on the login screen, or the following commandline parameters –loginpage, –loginuri, and –helperuri.

I will provide a clone of the original repository for anyone who might want to fork it to make updated versions for OpenSim. I will also leave the 3.3.19 installers available on the website.