Dolphin Viewer

For those of you who haven’t heard of either Snowglobe or the Cool SL Viewer, here’s a bit of background:

  • Snowglobe is the open source version of the original Second Life® viewer. One of the main improvements is the fact that it fetches textures from a distributed storage service by http. Basically, textures and the world map load much faster.
  • The Cool VL Viewer is a project maintained by Henri Beauchamp. Basically, it is an SL viewer that has tons of new features, and even more bugfixes that Linden Lab® hasn’t put in (yet), or that they refuse to integrate.

So… what is the Dolphin Viewer? Basically, it is Snowglobe that has been made cooler (by adding as many of Henri’s patches as doable).

Disclaimer: None of this is “my” work, unless explicitly stated otherwise. What I am doing is applying patches that are available on Henri’s website, which is linked above, to the freely available Snowglobe sources. All credit for this viewer goes to the people listed in the “About Dolphin Viewer” popup, and the people listed on Henri’s website.

Dolphin Viewer for linux has been built for openSUSE 11.1/32bit, it should run on other 32bit Linux systems as well, as long as they are not too old or too new.

Dolphin Viewer for Windows has been built on Windows Vista Home Premium using Visual Studio Express 2005. If the Windows version does not work on your Windows 7 or XP, blame microsoft, not me. I don’t know enough about windows to fix that.

Dolphin Viewer for Mac OS X has been built on Mac OS X 10.6 with the latest version of XCode.