Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here’s the next Dolphin Viewer 3 release,


  • The input line on the Places floater now has the focus on opening (e.g. the cursor is in the right spot).
  • Source brought up to the latest development code.


  • Moving, animated linksets will not leave phantom prims behind anymore (broken by the Lab in last beta release).
  • The last traces of VWR-17689 have been fixed.

The downloads are on the download page, as usual.

Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here’s the next one in the 3.4-series,

Fixed in this release:

  • The freezing up of the viewer for a moment when you open the Places tab for the first time after logging in is gone.
  • Rotating prims now rotate properly even when you’re not looking (fixed by Henri Beauchamp).
  • The source code has been updated to be on the same level as the latest development viewer from Linden Lab™.

As a sidenote, if you go back to an older version after running this one, you have to redo your toolbar customizations, because the format of the settings file has changed.

The downloads are on the download page.

I’ve had it with the spam bots

I don’t know what’s with these spam bots lately… but I’ve had almost as many spam comments in the first ten days of 2013 as I had in the whole year 2012!

To deal with this problem, I’ve added WP-Unite to the site. Basically, to post a comment on the blog you need to login with a valid forum account.
To get a forum account, go to the Dolphin Viewer Mountain Retreat, and generate it at the blue terminal next to the wind turbine.
If for some reason you can’t create your forum account there, contact me in-world.

This means that you need to have an active Second Life™ account to be able to comment on posts on the blog.

On this occasion I would like to point out that for any support questions you should use the forum anyways, and not by posting comments on release announcements.