Dolphin Viewer 3 –

I’ve decided to bring out another 3.3-based Dolphin Viewer 3, since the Lab seems to be somewhat challenged about fixing the showstoppers in the 3.4.2 tree …

Here’s the next version of the 3.3-based Dolphin Viewer 3.


  • The ‘:’ shortcut to emoting now works properly if the first character after the colon is a “special” character, e.g. a german umlaut, like ä or ü. For example, “:übt seilspringen” will now properly be interpreted as “/me übt seilspringen”.
  • AutoCloseOOC now works properly in local chat even when RLV is disabled.
  • Landmarks that are embedded in notecards now open properly on click (this copies the landmark to your inventory, therefore it can take a moment if the asset server is slow).
  • The #DV3/AO folders won’t be created unless the Client AO is actually enabled, therefore it is now possible to delete the folders if you do not use the Client AO at all.
  • The Mac OS X package is now digitally signed (A new security feature on Mac OS X 10.8, which by default allows only digitally signed software to be executed).
  • RenderVolumeLOD now defaults to 4.0 on “High” graphics.

New features:

  • The Friends list now has a menu option to hide the “All Friends” part.
  • The highlighted outline when editing something can be switched on or off with a new keyboard shortcut, Alt-H.
  • The group list shows the number of groups, and the number of remaining free group slots.
  • The group list now shows all groups that have “Show in Profile” turned off in yellow. Note that in some cases all your groups show in yellow on first login with this version. To fix that you have to refresh the list by activating a different group than the one you have active.

The downloads are on the download page.

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