Woot – Thank you all for not doing things that crash viewers XD

As you might know the top half of the list of third party viewers is sorted by crash rate … and you know what? In the last updated list, the Dolphin Viewer 3 is in second place!

Dolphin Viewer 3 is the second bestest viewer on the grid!

Thank you all for your support … and for not doing things that crash viewers 😉

6 thoughts on “Woot – Thank you all for not doing things that crash viewers XD

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  2. haaa I do all kinds of things that crash viewers (avatar skin textures lately, mostly) and I’m having better experiences with Dolphin than with Firestorm.

  3. And thanks for your continued work on an effective and stable viewer for SL. I hope that the #2 position leads to increased awareness of the viewer.

  4. Firestorm has an option in the preferences to send crash reports to phoenixviewer.com. In the viewers where this option is selected, is the crash report sent to Linden Lab too? If not the statistic about crashes in firestorm should be reviewed… and I am sure Dolphin will have a better position. I used both viewer and i got 2 crashes in firestorm and 0 crashes in dolphin… this says alot.

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