Dolphin Viewer 3

Just because I am on vacation does not mean I  have to stop adding stuff to the viewer, right?

New in

  • MAINT-1161:  Sea level around private islands will now be at the same water level as the setting for the region.
  • STORM-1899: Implemented fix for avatar hand poses randomly getting stuck in spread ‘starfish’ position.
  • Ported from Firestorm: Added a feature to delete scripts in selection (see below).

To use the “delete scripts in selection” feature, edit an object that you have modify permissions on, then select the function from Build->Scripts->Remove Scripts From Selection. Please note that this will delete all scripts from all selected prims without any further warning. If you use this on a no-copy object the scripts will be irreversibly lost.

The downloads are on the download page.

Woot – Thank you all for not doing things that crash viewers XD

As you might know the top half of the list of third party viewers is sorted by crash rate … and you know what? In the last updated list, the Dolphin Viewer 3 is in second place!

Dolphin Viewer 3 is the second bestest viewer on the grid!

Thank you all for your support … and for not doing things that crash viewers 😉

Dolphin Viewer 3 –

And another release … new in Dolphin Viewer 3

  • Fixed: Don’t block texture fetch threads for 2 minutes if the CURL callback fails.
  • Fixed: FIRE-6171/VWR-28846; ‘Save as’ dialog deadlocks on Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Fixed: FIRE-4730 – Client AO breaks attachments with animations, for example shoes with “Ankle locker”
  • Added more Windlight presets from Firestorm.
  • Code in SLPlugin has been changed in order to limit the number of virus warnings from anti-virus s/w.

The downloads are on the download page.


Bogus virus warnings for the latest Dolphin Viewer 3

It has been brought to my attention that Symantec products (Norton AntiVirus and PC Tools) pop up a virus warning about slplugin.exe when you install the latest Dolphin Viewer 3.

After hearing this,  I have taken the following steps:

  • I have scanned my build system for viruses – nothing found.
  • I have scanned my laptop that I actually use for everything else besides building viewers – nothing found.
  • I have submitted the latest slplugin.exe to – the result is here.

In this process I have used Microsoft Security Essentials, Clam AV Antivirus, and AVG Antivirus. None of them have reported anything.

This has happened a few times in the past, and it has always been this bogus “Heuristic” warning, which can basically be translated to “We don’t really know anything about this file, but we thought we could scare you into buying our product.”

To my best knowledge the current release of the Dolphin Viewer 3 is virus free.

Bugfix Release – Dolphin Viewer 3

Yeah, a new version of Dolphin Viewer, less than 24 hours since the last one, Dolphin with properly working shadows and nothing else new.

Downloads are on the download page.

Oh by the way, you might have noticed that the filter texts for your inventory are UPPER CASE now, if you enabled that “Separate filters” feature in the previous version. Be assured that that is just an internal thing, and has been like that all the time.  It was just not visible. The UPPER CASE filter text has no negative impact on the effectiveness of the filter.


Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here is the next Dolphin Viewer 3,

New in this release:

  • FIRE-6551 & FIRE-6823: Fix for sharing inventory items from multiple open inventory floater and auto-opening inventory.
  • FIRE-6752: Rewritten, more accurate (and less needlessly alarming) script debit permission message.
  • FIRE-913: Allow different search terms in inventory tabs – patch from Satomi Ahn.
  • FIRE-6862: Make individual search terms on each inventory tab optional (in Preferences->Dolphin Viewer 3->User Interface)
  • “Return to last in-world position” for items in your Lost+Found folder had to be removed since Linden Lab killed the serverside parts of it. Too bad! That was a useful feature.
  • FIRE-6774: Fix for bottom buttons appearing too low in the People floater – by Hitomi Tiponi.
  • Control-shift-P to activate or deactivate the “Places” window.
  • Alt-shift-P to activate or deactivate the “Picks” window.

The downloads are on the download page.

Forum registrations are now in-world


in my constant struggle to keep spam bots out of the Dolphin Viewer forums I managed to finally get an in-world forum registration kiosk working, with lots of help from Jan Hajek.

Therefore the forum registrations on the website are now closed.

To register a forum account, click on the Forum registration terminal at The Dolphin Viewer Mountain Retreat and provide a valid e-mail address.

In case you do not have access to that location due to the M rating fo that region, or because you use The Dolphin Viewer only for other grids than Second Life™ , contact me.

Happy Canada Day!