Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here’s the next Dolphin Viewer 3 for you.

New in

  • The overlapping “Ignore” and “Block” buttons whenever a script pops open a llDialog with less than 3 buttons have been fixed.
  • A fix for STORM-1890 (where “Only friends can call or IM me” mutes your own chat in group chat, and all chat from non-friends in group chat) has been imported.
  • The columns in the Area Search floater can now be resized.
  • A memory leak in the antispam system has been plugged.
  • The sound issues where not all in-world sounds or UI sounds would not always play properly has been fixed.

The downloads are on the download page.

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  5. I can;t find a forum – so wanted to pass on one really annoying ‘glitch’ which ha sbeen regualrly present
    If you do not have autoplay set… when you double click tp (within one parcel – say your home) as soon as you land the music starts from scratch.. and if it was turned on.. it then turns off (without autoplay – which I don’t want).
    Can this be intercepted? whilst tps are still tps, at some level the viewer must recognise that the source of the tp is coming from a double-click in world – or the feature would not be available. Perhaps if this could be flagged for the media plugin?

    • The link to the forum is on the right side of every page on the blog…

      And about that glitch, please post a detailed list of steps to reproduce it on the forum, and before you do that, please try to reproduce it with the official LL viewer as well, and with Marine’s RLV viewer… which will tell me where to look for the reasons.

      On further investigation:
      The playing / not playing is the expected behavior… of course “auto start” has to be on for the music to auto-start again.
      The way you describe “The music starts from scratch” indicates that the music URL is not set to an actual stream, but just to a http url pointing to a mp3 file, which can not be resumed from the current position, only from the beginning.

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