Notice to current users of openSUSE 11.3

This post only concerns those of you, who are currently running openSUSE 11.3 linux environment.

On January 20, 2012 Benjamin Brunner of the openSUSE team announced that openSUSE 11.3 has reached its end-of-life. That means that the repositories for openSUSE 11.3 are no longer available and it is no longer a valid build target.

Since openSUSE 12.1 is the version that I am working with, and there is no longer a controlled build environment for the previous version, I will not be providing any new Dolphin Viewer packages for openSUSE 11.3.

So if you have not already, I suggest you consider updating your OS 😉

Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here is the next Dolphin Viewer 3:

  • New: Music streams now fade in and out like in the original Linden Lab viewer, but only if you have already added them to the media filter whitelists. When you encounter a stream that is not in the white- or blacklist, the previous stream will continue to play until you answer the media filter popup.
  • New: Update to latest RLV + Viewer-development.
    See Marine Kelley’s website for her announcement – there are a lot of new goodies in there, biggest of them being Qarl’s Mesh deformer to adapt mesh clothing to your shape. To enable, set the debug setting “RenderMeshDeformed” to true and restart the viewer. Note that this feature is far from being usable yet, it’s in here so that people can try it out. For more info, read this jira.
  • New: STORM-1793 The viewer needs to treat all mini-map altitudes above 1020 m as the same height – for now the mini map will display an X for any avatar that is above 1020m when your camera is above 1020m as well, and the proper “above me” caret when the avatar is above 1020m, but your camera is not.
    Note: this will actually be effective as soon as the Lab deploys the server version that has the server side support for it. Until then the mini map will just show the same old “v” for anyone above 1024m.
  • Fixed: changed “Depth-of-field” settings to apply immediately now, instead of having to switch it on/then off again.
  • Fixed: the checkbox for “Automatically land/fly on page-down/page-up” is back in Preferences/Move and view.
  • Fixed: several internal issues with the client AO.
  • Fixed: the checkbox for “Close chat on pressing enter” is back in Preferences/Chat.
  • Fixed: issue 7 in RLV (replacing outfit does not remove multiple layers).
  • Fixed: MemoryPrivatePoolEnabled is back on, since it’s necessary on the Mac as soon as you run other apps in parallel to the viewer that also use the 3d hardware acceleration.

Downloads are on the download page, as usual.

Dolphin Viewer 3

Here’s the next version of the Dolphin Viewer 3.

New in

  • The main inventory tab can now show or hide links, or show only links (the recent and worn tabs always hide links). Switch it on in the “Gear Menu” of the inventory window.
  • The Windows installer should not use the term “Second Life” anymore anywhere in any language. It should read “The Dolphin Viewer 3” now everywhere (unless I missed a spot or two).
  • Some Windows build issues have been addressed.
  • The use of private memory pools has been switched off. If you notice more crashes than before, switch it back on with the Debug setting “MemoryPrivatePoolEnabled” and let me know (via a post on the forum).
  • The “stop camming me” drama has been partially ended: This version of the Dolphin Viewer 3 does not send “LookAt” data anymore, if you switch on “Do not point at objects” (Preferences->Dolphin Viewer 3->Miscellaneous). The options to have the LookAt / PointAt crosshairs on screen will be gone in the next release, unless someone points out good use cases for having them that are not based on drama or paranoia.
  • The inventory changes announced by Oz Linden in this mail to the opendev list have been implemented. No “accidental nudity” for Dolphin Viewer 3 users. You can of course still take your clothes off on your own wherever you want, provided the place allows it 🙂
  • Updated to RLV
  • The linux version of the Dolphin Viewer 3 now uses dbus calls in the secondlife: handler script to send slurl to whichever viewer is running at the time. This is not available on 64bit Windows, so please vote for VWR-28073 and VWR-28074. Thanks.
  • When you take a Snapshot to disk using the keyboard shortcut CTRL-SHIFT-D, it uses the file format that you selected for your last “snapshot to disk” from the snapshot floater, instead of silently ignoring your preference (as it does right now in the official viewer).
  • The checkboxes for switching AutoCloseOOC and AllowMUpose are back in Preferences->Dolphin Viewer 3->Miscellaneous.
  • Fixed: The tips of the handles of the Align tool in the Build toolbox point in the right directions again.
  • Fixed: Sharing inventory items, while more than one inventory window is open, works now.
  • Fixed: The hovertip on the local chat bar now mentions whispering as well.
  • Fixed: Previews of textures show the checkerboard pattern again under transparent areas. This version still does this with the old deprecated OpenGL calls. The next version of Dolphin Viewer 3 will do it “right”, thanks to Shyotl from Singularity.
  • Fixed: the “Preview As” dropdown in the texture upload preview is not covered by the texture anymore.

The downloads are on the download page, as always.

The “Fellowship” edition – Dolphin Viewer 3

Why “Fellowship” edition, you ask?

Let me quote from the preface to the first book of Lord of the Rings, “The Fellowship of the Ring”

“This tale grew in the telling …”

This release, like almost no other so far, had the tendency to spring new features at me while I was actually getting ready to call it a release, and publish it 🙂

Now I’m drawing the line, so here’s the next Dolphin Viewer 3, based on Marine Kelley’s latest RLV which in turn is based on the latest viewer-development code (

In other words, it has the shining-fixes stuff.

Or, in terms more suited for those of you who haven’t been following all the noise on the JIRA about incompatibility with modern graphics cards, if you had problems with Second Life on your new shiny GeForce 4xx or 5xx, this version might help you.

New features:

  • auto-accept textures, photos and notecards (switch it on in preferences->Dolphin Viewer 3->Interface)
  • auto-open textures, photos and notecards (switch it on in Preferences->Dolphin Viewer 3->Interface)
  • system folders (like “Objects” or “Notecards”) are hidden from your inventory if they are empty
  • the unnecessary popup informing you that you added a landmark to a folder can be suppressed (from Firestorm)
  • the inventory can now be filtered by description, UUID, creator, name, or all of the above (from Firestorm)
  • the inventory can now be filtered for combinations of several words (separate the words by + e.g. Joe+Smith) (from Firestorm)
  • debug level (verbosity) of log files can be configured (STORM-1790)
  • default debug level has been changed to WARNING to make the logs less chatty

Known issues:

  • Textures with transparency have a grey background instead of the usual checkerboard pattern in any texture preview UI element (e.g. the preview window when you upload a texture, or when you open a texture from yoru inventory). Applied to prims, the textures will be fine. People, use the temp upload feature and check your new textures on a prim if you need to test something with transparency. This problem exists in all viewers that are based on the latest viewer-development code, even in the official Second Life viewer 3.2.4 from Linden Lab. There is already a JIRA for it: Please go and watch and vote.
  • The alignment handles in the Build Tool all point upwards instead of inwards. The alignment tool still works the same way, it just looks funky.
  • The automatic opening of incoming notecards and pictures is highly dependent on lag.
  • There is still no Flickr uploader.

Grab it on the download page.