Known issues with Dolphin Viewer 3

I have to report three bugs in Dolphin Viewer 3.

  1. The performance on Windows can be abysmally slow, i.e. one third of what you’re used to (inherited from original 3.0 code).
  2. Replacing a saved outfit that contains more than one of any one wearable type (two or more tattoo layers) does not take off all of those layers (e.g. one tattoo stays behind but does not show in “Current Outfit”)
    (reproduces in original RLV 2.7).
  3. Sending teleport offers to more than one person through selecting them on your friends list makes the viewer crash (Reproduces in original RLV 2.7)

Be assured that 2. and 3. are being worked on. Number 1. is in the hand of Linden Labs.

What’s even worse is that 3. is also present in Dolphin Viewer 2 … and because I don’t have another spare PC I can’t maintain DV2 anymore, unless someone makes it build ok on Visual Studio 2010.

4 thoughts on “Known issues with Dolphin Viewer 3

  1. Could you not set up virtual machines for the builds and the separate the environments?

    Not sure if the PC versions will do this, but both Parallells and Fusion (vmware) will run both the Mac and PC versions of SL reasonably well. You can install Lion on both even.

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