Mesh myths debunked

So it’s “the day” now. Linden Lab has released mesh, and any number of people are 100% sure that mesh will bring back all those people who have quit SL in disgust, will make everyone else quit, will make your frame rate go up and down at the same time, and will make coffee while eating your kittens.

I’ve had a good close look at what mesh actually means, how it works, how it is created, and am now trying to make a few things clear.

  1. Myth: Mesh will replace sculpties for in-world objectsNo, not really. What mesh will do is add another tool to the creator’s toolbox.

    If a creator already uses software to create sculpts instead of working in-world with Sculpt Studio or similar tools, the creator can skip the step that converts his/her Autocad / Collada object into a sculptmap, though.

    And then there is the simple fact that meshes have variable prim equivalents, the “prim count” depending on their size and if they contain scripts.

    Here’s an example that I’ve tried out on the beta grid. I found this Blender object, an origami crane. I exported it as Collada, and uploaded it into a mesh object – it had a prim equivalent of one. After stretching it to the maximum size, it had an equivalent of three. Adding a flight script to make it into an airplane upped the prim equivalent to 36! Add the fact that uploading meshes is more expensive than working with other prim types. Mesh will be quite neat to quickly bring real life creations that exist in other software into Second Life, if cost is no objection.

  2. Myth: Mesh will be awesome for clothesThat might be true.

    But only if you happen to have exactly the same shape as the creator of the outfit in question, because mesh clothes can not be adjusted at all. And besides, I have no idea if mesh clothes could be layered. If not, mix&match is dead. And so far, what I have seen is a kind of weird bendiness at elbows and knees – kind of like the ‘wet noodle’ effect when arms/legs are flexed.

  3. Myth: Mesh will be awesome for full-body avatars 

    True. But only for non-humanavies.There are already shops selling human mesh avies. I tried a demo, and it has the same caveat as mesh clothes – it only works for the shape that is supplied with it.Attack of the clones, anyone? Reminds me of how in Blue Mars™ everybody looks the same, and we all know where that went, right?

My conclusion:

Mesh is not the holy grail. It is another option for creators that makes sense to use for some things, and does not make sense at all for some other things.

Something important to keep in mind –

As of last week, 2/3 of the Second Life population is running viewers that do not support mesh. And about half of them run viewer versions that are so old that I’d like to think that those people would rather cancel their accounts than upgrade to anything from this decade. Add to that what I’ve seen on the SL Merchants group chat, and I’ll have to conclude that at least half of the grid has not even heard of mesh yet. How sad is that?

That being said, I am working on a Dolphin Viewer with mesh support. I’m just not exactly rushing it.

Support for the Dolphin Viewer? Use the forum!

I want to remind everybody that posting comments on the blog here is not the officially supported way to obtain support for the Dolphin Viewer. That’s what the forum is for. Background: forum posts send me notifications, comments on the blog don’t.

Commenting on blog pages has been disabled for this reason until further notice.

Dolphin Viewer 2

Here is the next release in the 2.5 series.

Fixed in this release:

  • SEC-906: Fixes a griefer crash attack through  a maliciously broken animation (Aura Linden)
  • STORM-1042: non-functional save button on new landmarks

Improved in this release:

  • Web profiles are back
  • Web profiles open at the “About me” tab instead of the “stream”
  • RenderVolumeLODFactor defaults to 2.0 instead of 1.125 for “High” graphics setting

New in this release:

  • STORM-56: Extra decimals on build floater for position, scale, and rotation, with keyboard modifiers for increasing/decreasing the different digits (use alt/ctrl/shift with cursor up/down)

Known issues in this release:

  • The web profile opens at the “stream” the first time you open a profile after you login. This is consistent with other web-based functions not working properly on the first use after login.

Downloads are at the usual place: the download page.