Petition against automated vehicles on Mainland

As you can see from some of the oldest features in the Dolphin Viewer, the main focus group for it are people who ride vehicles (boats, cars, planes etc.) in Second Life. These are coincidentally the same people who would love to see those automated vehicles run by AnnOToole and others gone. Especially the one that pushed you off the road just now. And the ice cream truck on the water of the Mallard River.

Someone started a petition against them, since the Lindens don’t seem to care at all.

Please go and sign it, thanks.

3 thoughts on “Petition against automated vehicles on Mainland

  1. The scourge of the Mainland is caused by AnnMarie OToole, not to be confused with the veritable Ann OToole of Unique Needs. I do not understand why Linden Lab continues to let our community be abused by these intrusive vehicles. Truly one of the great mysteries we are currently facing as residents in Second Life. Thanks for posting the links to the petition. Duly signed and passed on.

  2. If they won’t get rid of them, at least have it so they can incur damage so that when we do get runover of pushed off of the road that we can blow those things into itsy bitsy pieces.

    • that would be for AnnMarie OToole to implement… and by doing so admitting to how wrong her vehicle “system'” is. In the meantime, every single one of her adboards should be AR’ed under “Other” for impersonating LL…. “Second Life Transportation Authority” indeed. If there is such a thing it should be Michael Linden and the LDPW and not some griefer chickie.

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