Petition against automated vehicles on Mainland

As you can see from some of the oldest features in the Dolphin Viewer, the main focus group for it are people who ride vehicles (boats, cars, planes etc.) in Second Life. These are coincidentally the same people who would love to see those automated vehicles run by AnnOToole and others gone. Especially the one that pushed you off the road just now. And the ice cream truck on the water of the Mallard River.

Someone started a petition against them, since the Lindens don’t seem to care at all.

Please go and sign it, thanks.

Important security update: Dolphin Viewer 2

Sorry for being a bit late about it, but I haven’t been close to my build environment for almost four weeks.

Anyway, I finally managed to build a version of Dolphin Viewer 2 that incorporates the security fix for the vulnerability in the ogg libraries.

Please make sure you download and install the new version as soon as possible.

There’s nothing else new in this release.

It’s on the download page as usual.


openSUSE 11.2 discontinued – consequences for Dolphin Viewer 2

As of May 12, 2011, openSUSE 11.2 has reached end-of-support from Novell and

What does this mean for the Dolphin Viewer 2?

Simple enough: there will no longer be any rpm packages for openSUSE 11.2 available, and from now on the Dolphin Viewer 2 will be built on openSUSE 11.3.

If the linux binaries built on 11.3 do not work on your linux system, I strongly encourage you to upgrade to a newer version of your linux distribution.

Ogg Security hole, status update on next version

I’m aware of the security hole in the ogg libraries used in the current dolphin viewer.

Unfortunately I’m about 6000 miles away from my computer with the build environment right now, and will be until at least the end of may… so i can’t do anything.

Luckily enough the security flaw has not been exploited for any shady things as of now.

As soon as I’m back home I’ll build a with the fixed libraries. In the meantime, switch off media playing if you are concerned about possible exploits.

After that I’ll start on integrating my patches, RLV, and 2.6.3 into the next real version.