Dolphin Viewer – good bye web profiles!

The Dolphin Viewer 2 has been updated to version!

New in this release:

  • The code has been re-based to the official Linden Lab 2.5.1 source. All bugfixes mentioned in the official 2.5.1 release notes are part of the Dolphin Viewer 2, with two exceptions listed below:
    1. The Minimap has been removed from the “People Nearby” tab.
    2. The profiles have been reverted back to the older but working Sidebar profile display.
      The web profiles were just way too broken in way too many ways for me to be happy with having them in a viewer meant for actual daily use.
  • A race condition in the media black-/whitelisting code leading to the stream at the login that you logged in to not being properly handled, has been fixed.
  • Two patches from Snowstorm development (STORM-1019 and STORM-1040), which let you bring up beacons for objects that use “Media on a prim”, have been imported. To activate, go to World -> Show -> Beacons.
  • STORM-1068: An (optional) ring around your position on the Minimap with a 20m radius, indicating “chat range” from your avatar’s position. To activate, right click on the Minimap -> select Range Ring.
  • WEB-1819: The search floater now retains the last search result after a teleport.
  • The popup that appears when you enable the “Custom port” in Preferences -> Setup can now be closed properly.

If you experience sculpted prims looking “weird” after you upgrade to this version, clear your cache and relog. There have been major internal changes in texture caching between the official 2.5.0 and 2.5.1 sources. To clear cache, go to Preferences -> Setup, there’s a “Clear Cache” button next to the cache folder location field.

The download is on the downloads page as usual.

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