Dolphin Viewer

New in this release:

Enhanced media security against spyware and related evils (a.k.a. zF RedZone) is here!

  • Sione Lomu’s media filter patch:
    • For details about this important patch and instructions on how to use the Media Filter, go to this link.
    • Note: it is no longer possible to obscure media URLs in the About Land settings (STORM-1037).
  • Katharine Berry’s Flickr Uploader patch:
    • Allows direct uploads to flickr from within the “Take Snapshot” floater.
    • Note: the first time you use it, you will be prompted to associate the Dolphin Viewer with the flickr account you wish to upload to.
    • Machine tags such as the SLURL, camera position etc are part of the uploaded image data.
  • Improvements to the “People Nearby” radar functions:
    • “People Nearby” now works above 1,000 meters.
    • “People Nearby” range slider has been increased to a maximum distance of 2,048 meters.
    • To access the radar, go to the Sidebar –> People–> Nearby.
    • Example: To teleport to an avatar on your radar, use the Zoom, right click on an avatar name and choose “Zoom In”. Once the zoom is complete, use double click teleport to land beside them.
  • The updater service for official Linden Lab viewer versions has been permanently disabled in this release, so that the updater will not try to find an update for Dolphin Viewer on the Second Life web site. The setup option for the updater service has been hidden.
  • The “Favorites on login screen” bug fixed. This bug would break that feature if you entered your username in the firstname.lastname format.
  • The “Me” menu has been cleaned up.

5 thoughts on “Dolphin Viewer

  1. Love the viewer. Only thing is that the radar is still not working, it fails to detect any other avatars even if they are standing next to you.

  2. what radar are you talking about… the “people nearby” tab?
    … where exactly did you encounter that bug?
    and please, next time post bug reports on the forum, not as a blog comment… makes them easier for me to handle.

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