Dolphin Viewer 2

Dolphin Viewer 2 has been updated to version!

New in this release:

  • Lots of modifications to the “People” side panel tab:
    • The “People near me” tab now shows distances
    • Entries on the “People near me” tab have a more useful context menu, with the old “eject” and “ban” options as well as other useful functions
    • The “Abilities” icons on the friends list (“See me online” etc) are clickable to grant or revoke those abilities to friends
  • The object context menu has been reorganized to group options in a more logical way
  • CTRL-T opens the IM window if you have pending conversations
  • The maximum repeat for textures in the edit window has been increased from 100 to 256
  • A new “Clear cache” button in Preferences->Setup
  • Several fixes have been backported from SnowStorm: STORM-1001, VWR-24889, VWR-24957
  • Some  cosmetic changes (e.g. the draw distance slider length has been increased, allowing finer grain control)

Downloads are on the download page.

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