Dolphin Viewer 2

Dolphin Viewer 2 has been updated to version!

New in this release:

  • Lots of modifications to the “People” side panel tab:
    • The “People near me” tab now shows distances
    • Entries on the “People near me” tab have a more useful context menu, with the old “eject” and “ban” options as well as other useful functions
    • The “Abilities” icons on the friends list (“See me online” etc) are clickable to grant or revoke those abilities to friends
  • The object context menu has been reorganized to group options in a more logical way
  • CTRL-T opens the IM window if you have pending conversations
  • The maximum repeat for textures in the edit window has been increased from 100 to 256
  • A new “Clear cache” button in Preferences->Setup
  • Several fixes have been backported from SnowStorm: STORM-1001, VWR-24889, VWR-24957
  • SomeĀ  cosmetic changes (e.g. the draw distance slider length has been increased, allowing finer grain control)

Downloads are on the download page.

Dolphin Viewer

Dolphin Viewer has been updated to!

New in this release:

  • New MediaFilter patch: based on a patch by Sione Lomu, this (largely) reworked patch allows you to authorize or deny individual media and audio streams. See this message for full details.
  • Updated SLPluginAndMediaFixes patch: this new version fixes the internal web browser “cache” folder quirk which caused the latter to be written at the root of your filesystem (“/cache” in Linux, “c:\cache” in Windows). See this thread for details.
  • Updated ContextMenuTextEntry patch: this new version improves the context menu of input lines and text entries by greying out automatically unavailable actions in the menu (for example, disabling “Copy” when no text is selected).
  • Updated RevertUIchanges patch: changed to cope with the new MediaFilter patch.
  • Updated CoolPreferences patch: changed to implement the options related to the MediaFilter patch (in the “Miscellaneous” sub-tab of the “Advanced features” tab: new checkbox and “Reset filters” button).

The downloads are on the download page as usual.

openSUSE 11.1 discontinued – consequences for Dolphin Viewer for linux

As of January 14, 2011, openSUSE 11.1 has reached end-of-support from Novell and

What does this mean for the Dolphin Viewer?

Simple enough: there will no longer be any rpm packages for openSUSE 11.1 available, and from now on the Dolphin Viewer and Dolphin Viewer 2 will be built on openSUSE 11.2.

If the linux binaries built on 11.2 do not work on your linux system, I strongly encourage you to upgrade to a newer version of your linux distribution.

New releases: Dolphin Viewer 2 and Dolphin Viewer

There are two new versions out:

Dolphin Viewer 2 has been upgraded to 2.5.0 code. As of now, there are no new Dolphin Viewer-specific features. Linden Lab has a detailed announcement on their website about the new features and changes in the original 2.5.0 code, such as web profiles.

Dolphin Viewer has been upgraded to New or changed in this version are:

1. New ViewerInventoryItemUpdateServerCrash patch:

  • fixes a crash that can happen when you copy an item in your inventory and then immediately rename the new copy.

2. Updated RestrainedLove patch:

  • with the definitive @adjustheight command implementation, see this post for details on how to use it in your RLV-scripted items.

3. Updated HighlightPostsWithOwnName patch:

  • fixes a crash bug that can be triggered by someone talking in open chat close to your avatar while your avatar is still rezzing during login.

4. Updated AvatarSizeInAppearance patch:

  • this new version gives, in the Appearance floater, the genuine (i.e. not counting shoes) avatar height as well as the shoes height and the pelvis to foot height (useful for scripters wishing to use @adjustheight).

The downloads are on the download page, as usual.


New in this release:

1. New ParcelEncroachmentSupport patch:

  • This patch allows a land owner to return objects encroaching their parcel, provided Parcel Encroachment returns are enabled on that sim.
  • If you have Estate Manager rights, you can use the Region Debug Console to find out if Parcel Encroachment is switched on.

2. New PngImageIgnoreBackground patch:

  • This patch fixes the uploading issues with PNG images having a background color set.

3. Updated SimulatorVersionNotification patch:

  • This updated version allows you to disable the sim server version change notification when you enter a new region.
  • Turn it on/off in Preferences -> Advanced -> Miscellaneous.

4. Updated ImprovedBuildTools patch:

  • This new version extends the slice parameters down to 0.02% for a maximum slice, and up to 0.98% for a minimum slice.

The following patches have also been improved.

  • Updated LLFontCrash patch
  • Updated BlurryAndGreyTextures patch
  • Updated RestrainedLove patch
  • Updated FloaterRegionDebugConsole patch

Preferences and Branding patches have been updated to reflect changes in this release.

The download is on the download page as usual.