A few thoughts about the future.

The second poll about the options for the future of the Dolphin Viewer closed with roughly 2/3 of voters in favor of a 2.x-based Dolphin Viewer.

So here’s the way it’ll be for the foreseeable future:

  • My personal efforts for developing new features and additions will focus on 2.x source code only.
  • For the foreseeable future, I will try to support both Dolphin Viewer 1.5 and Dolphin Viewer 2.
  • If at some point I find that I cannot handle the workload of supporting two separate viewers, Dolphin Viewer 1.5 will be “frozen” at that point and no further updates will be made. As long as there are no untoward developments from my hoster’s side the downloads for Dolphin Viewer 1.5 will stay online.
  • If at some point Linden Lab decides to block viewers based on 1.5 source, then Dolphin Viewer 1.5 will cease to be updated and maintained.

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