First poll results & Dolphin Viewer’s future

The results of the first poll about the future of the Dolphin Viewer are in:

  • 5 persons voted for “Stay with 1.5 sourcecode and interface”
  • 11 persons voted for “Switch to 2.x code and interface”
  • 8 people voted for “Provide both versions”

Over the past weeks, I have been giving a lot of thought to the direction that the development of the Dolphin Viewer should take.

First, the sheer amount of work to support both 1.5 (based on Snowglobe) and 2.x code is way more than one person can handle – as you guys may know, there is only one person behind the scenes at Dolphin. So there is a new poll, which has the same question, but no “Both” choice.

Second, development on Snowglobe stopped sometime in the summer of 2010, and the official sourcecode repository for it is no longer available, nor are the supporting libraries and supporting files. Additionally, I had a few open JIRA entries about issues related to shared media that simply do not work properly. Last night, they were all closed, with a message ‘Wontfix, Snowglobe 1.x is dead now’.

My personal choice is to move forward with Dolphin 2.x. I have been using my internal test build almost exclusively in the last few weeks, and I am really happy with it. I encourage you to try it – so far there is only a Linux version, but the Windows and Mac versions will follow soon.

12 thoughts on “First poll results & Dolphin Viewer’s future

  1. I am curious how anyone thinks there is a pathway to stay with a series 1 viewer. Already there are features in series 2 viewers one has to backport to series 1. LL thought series 1 was such a mess it was easier to start over, which suggests each new series 2 feature would have to be changed to work with old code and the old code modified to work with it. Those changes are error prone. It would seem to be a massive amount of work, even for a team.

    If all the votes came back to stay with series 1, could you do it? More importantly, would you do it and consider it fun/enjoyable?

    • …and the current poll questions are some what misleading. They combine code and UI. I suspect few users care that much about the code. But user interface is a controversial topic. Many detest the SLV2 user interface. I suspect they are voting against the UI more than about the code.

      Having seen how Emerald grew in popularity, I suspect a good user interface on top of series 2 code with the abilities and speed improvements in SLV2 is what users will find attractive.

  2. Let me elaborate:

    In case it turns out to be 1.5-based code, dolphin viewer would stay what it is right now, a fork of Henri Beauchamps cool viewer; backports of 2.x features would rely on Henri.

    If the future means 2.x code, Dolphin Viewer would be mostly my own product, with the odd patch taken from other viewers thrown in for good measure, even with patches from viewer-development which is what LL and the various contributors are working on right now. Dolphin Viewer 2 already has a few fixes and additions backported from 2.6.0. In this case I would most likely stay with the original UI, with Hitomis starlight skin as an option.

  3. Well Lance sweetie, I am convinced, Dolphin 2 _is_ the way to go.

    Don’t get me wrong. I have known that for quite sometime from a logical point of view. But 3 years worth of tactile memory of the dear old viewer 1.x based hand/mouse motions indelibly imprinted on my brain have been resisting the change.

    But now you have convinced me. You have taken every one of my “but viewer 2.x does not do this, and I must have it”, put it on your work list. And that work list with all my “must haves” has been steadily shrinking.

    As of last night, I am convinced. This morning, I am officially switching over to Dolphin 2 .. GASP!

    :waves good bye to the Pie Menu

    You’ve done an awesome job with it. Love you!


  4. the tactile memory thing is the one thing that was holding me back myself and is the biggest pain.
    on the other hand, every other application has box shaped dropdown menues, not pies…

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