Known issues with

Hi guys,

there are two bugs in that I know of:

  • The HTTP texture corruption bug mentioned in an earlier post and on the forum.
  • The Wear/Add inventory action bug (basically, Wear on an attachment in your inventory does the same as Add, where it should actually replace the attachment, the same way as “Wear items” on a whole folder in your inventory does).

The workaround for the HTTP texture corruption bug is to turn HTTP Texture fetching off, in Preferences -> Advanced -> Graphics Tuning; after doing so please clear cache and relog.

The Wear/Add bug will be fixed in the next release.

2 thoughts on “Known issues with

  1. not sure if its my lappy, although I don’t think so since I didn’t have this problem with earlier versions of the Dolphin viewer, but the text on the viewer has changed, at least to my view, and its very hard to read. Also, could you please please add the “layers” option to clothing and tattoos, where you can wear more than one layer of a certain item, such as shirts/pants/tattoos. I love the Dolphin viewer, its so much easier to use than the SL viewer, but I miss the multiple layers of clothing/tats.

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