New in this release:

1. New slider for adjusting Level Of Detail (LOD) settings:

  • Preferences -> Advanced -> Graphics Tuning to set the level of detail for sculpties (the “RenderVolumeLODFactor” debug setting).

2. New BlurryAndGreyTextures patch:

  • Solves the slow texture decoding/grey textures on attachments, and brings the HTTP texture fetch worker back to what it was in Snowglobe v1.5 since the v2.2 worker apparently doesn’t work well with some textures and sculpties. As a result, HTTP texture fetching is now back off by default in 1.5.34.
  • You can still enable it via the Preferences -> Advanced -> Graphics Tuning -> Fetch textures by HTTP toggle.

3. New HTMLlinksInGroupNotices patch:

  • Makes the HTML links clickable in group notices.
  • For now, this works only in the blue pop-ups, not in the notices archive on the group info floater.

4. Updated GPU Table:

  • Fixes the “unsupported graphics card” message for newer graphics cards that in fact work just fine.

5. CrashEmptyingTrashFix patch:

  • Fixes a crash condition that could crash the client when you empty your trash directly after deleting a folder.

6. Updated RestrainedLove patch:

  • Brings RestrainedLove support on par with Marine Kelley’s v2.2.0.1.
  • See the changelog at the end of the RestrainedLove ReadMe for details.

7. Updated RezWithLandGroupWhenPossible patch:

  • This new version improves the capability of rezzing of objects without Land Group active.

8. Updated LLFontCrash patch:

  • In this new version, the work around can be toggled off. See this message for details.

9. Updated RevertUIchanges patch:

  • Fixes GCC 4.4 compiler warnings.

10. Updated AlphaAndTattooSupport patch:

  • Adds the color/tint parameter to the Tattoo wearables, bringing them back on par with viewer 2.2 tattoos.

11. Updated ItemLinksAndMultipleAttachmentsSupport patch:

  • Minor change, related to the delay between the rezzing of your avatar after login and the moment when the viewer auto-reattaches the multiple attachments on your avatar (decreased from 15 seconds to 10 seconds).

Download here as usual.