New version numbering scheme…

Hi guys,

there is a rebranded Build 32 on the download page, but it doesn’t have anything new, except a new version numbering scheme that makes more sense than the old one.

The old scheme was like this: means based on Snowglobe 1.5.0, SVN revision number 3627, and it is build 32 of Dolphin viewer.

The new scheme is this: means Dolphin Viewer 1.5.32 (based on Snowglobe 1.5.0 SVN revision 3627).

The new scheme has two advantages:

  1. The Windows installer isn’t going to annoy people with its “You seem to already have version soandso, do you want to reinstall” anymore.
  2. In the crash and usage statistics that Linden Lab sends to TPV developers I’ll be able to see how many people use which version for how long, not just all jumbled together in one “Dolphin Viewer 1.5.0”.

Like I already said, there are no new features in this package at all, so the download is totally optional.