openJPEG, oblong Sculpties, and Dolphin Viewer

Heya folks,

as you all know, the  Dolphin Viewer is quietly waiting for TPV directory approval right now.

One thing that was holding it up was Linden Lab’s view on libkdu and the GPL, which is why I’ve removed all KDU support from Dolphin.

Someone said that openJPEG, instead of KDU, means that oblong sculpts won’t rez properly anymore and posted a description to a place where that effect could be seen.

That place is a sex toy shop for furries, so if you want to check oblong sculpts, but don’t want to see that kind of stuff, just go to Organica and check out the plants there, most are made with oblong sculpts.

This is how it looks in the latest “under construction” version of the Dolphin Viewer:

Looks quite ok to me …

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