Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here is the most recent Dolphin Viewer release.

You may have noticed that there have been several back-to-back releases recently – both in order to provide the best possible tools for machinima, as well as features in response to many customer requests.

What’s new:

  • Marx Catteneo’s “Film” menu with more handy tweaks for machinima makers and photographers.
  • The Machinima Toolbox has been compacted some more to eliminate the need for scrolling.
  • ‘”Restore to last in-world position” has been ported from FireStorm.
    An object, which has been returned/taken back to your inventory, can now be restored to its last in-world co-ordinates. Simply right click the object in your inventory and choose “Restore to Last Position”. Please note you have to be on the same sim as the object’s original location.
  • A Search/Replace function for in-world note cards (from FireStorm) has been added. To use it, open the “Search/Replace” floater via CTRL-f.
  • A way to make your avatar phantom has also been ported from FireStorm. Think of it as a client-side move lock, which is triggered with CTRL-ALT-p, or in the menu item Me->My Movement->Phantom.
  • Several small bugs in the UI layout have been fixed.
  • Some redundant code has been removed.

The downloads are on the download page as usual; the rpm packages for openSUSE 11.4 and 12.1 will follow as soon as the openSUSE build service is back to working normally.

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