Dolphin Viewer 3 – “Fellini”

Here’s the next Dolphin, version 3.3.5 “Fellini”, and this one is especially for you machinima creators out there.

A big thank you goes to Marx Catteneo’s for his Machamera floater, now  included in Dolphin in a slightly modified version (with tabs in order to fit on the screen of smaller laptops). Basically, the Machinima Toolbox floater (found in the menu under “World”, as well as through an optional toolbar button called “Machinima Toolbox”) provides:

  • A “Graphics” tab with most of the graphics preferences, and buttons to get to the Windlight editors.
  • A “Camera” tab with settings and buttons for FlyCam, and Alt-zooming.
  • A “Shadows & Occlusion” tab that offers detailed settings for lighting, shadows, and ambient occlusion.
  • A “Depth of field” tab with detailed settings for depth of field.
  • A “Glow” tab with lots of tweaks for how glowy things appear.
  • A “Derender” tab with some countermeasures against visual spamlag.

Also new:

  • Getting a worn attachment into edit by right-clicking it in your inventory and selecting “Edit”-
  • Opening a Landmark on the map from your inventory, similar to what you can do from within the Places window.

The downloads are on the download page.

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