Dolphin Viewer 3 –

Here is the next Dolphin Viewer 3:

  • New: Music streams now fade in and out like in the original Linden Lab viewer, but only if you have already added them to the media filter whitelists. When you encounter a stream that is not in the white- or blacklist, the previous stream will continue to play until you answer the media filter popup.
  • New: Update to latest RLV + Viewer-development.
    See Marine Kelley’s website for her announcement – there are a lot of new goodies in there, biggest of them being Qarl’s Mesh deformer to adapt mesh clothing to your shape. To enable, set the debug setting “RenderMeshDeformed” to true and restart the viewer. Note that this feature is far from being usable yet, it’s in here so that people can try it out. For more info, read this jira.
  • New: STORM-1793 The viewer needs to treat all mini-map altitudes above 1020 m as the same height – for now the mini map will display an X for any avatar that is above 1020m when your camera is above 1020m as well, and the proper “above me” caret when the avatar is above 1020m, but your camera is not.
    Note: this will actually be effective as soon as the Lab deploys the server version that has the server side support for it. Until then the mini map will just show the same old “v” for anyone above 1024m.
  • Fixed: changed “Depth-of-field” settings to apply immediately now, instead of having to switch it on/then off again.
  • Fixed: the checkbox for “Automatically land/fly on page-down/page-up” is back in Preferences/Move and view.
  • Fixed: several internal issues with the client AO.
  • Fixed: the checkbox for “Close chat on pressing enter” is back in Preferences/Chat.
  • Fixed: issue 7 in RLV (replacing outfit does not remove multiple layers).
  • Fixed: MemoryPrivatePoolEnabled is back on, since it’s necessary on the Mac as soon as you run other apps in parallel to the viewer that also use the 3d hardware acceleration.

Downloads are on the download page, as usual.

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